About Me

Hey lovely, my name is Maya and I started this business at 16 y/o. I wanted to make this business because I want to earn money myself and not have to always ask my parents or grandparents for money cause I know it’s not going to be like that forever and getting a job during this pandemic is SCARY. Another reason was because a lot of girls Ik are starting business but they’re doing people’s hair and/or selling lashes and it’s like.....😗I can’t do nobody hair...😗 and I don’t wear lashes BUT I wanted to be apart of the small business trend. Then I realized how much I LOVE lipglosses and thought “hmmm.. I can make them myself... get gurls lips POPPIN... make a lil SHMONEY... AND BE UP THEREEE EOW” and here we are!! I will be adding different containers as I go but I’m just starting. Thank you for visiting/shopping at my website, much love to you!!